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Notice that the Chinchfield and C&O synchronized their Fast Freight numbers . . . even though one went east-west and the other north-south but both actually going northwest-southeast . . . to get fresh veggies up to Chicago.


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I have been fortunate to scan several "Perishable Schedules"  
published by the ACL , SAL, and L&N and anticipate accessing several  
more including a group published by the Southern soon. I also have  
one from the Charleston & Western Carolina. Many of these were loaned  
to me to scan by collector and dealer Kent Hannah plus my friends  
John King and Jim Singer.

All of these help draw a picture of the way Fruit Growers Express  
traffic moved from the southeast to the major markets of the  
northeast and upper midwest , which involved many other railroads in  
addition to the B&O and PRR (this is not said to diminish the volume  
of either of these RR's ).

A nice example is the relatively simple schedule published by the  
C&WC for train #97 which originated in Augusta, GA (with reefers  
originating from the ACL , SAL and FEC ) and was handed off to the  
Clinchfield at Spartanburg , SC to travel behind their Challengers  
(and later grey & yellow EMD F-5's) to the C&O at Elkhorn City, KY.  
 From here the C&O moved FGE's traffic to:

Buffalo, NY via the NKP
Charleston, VW
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH via the NKP
Detroit, MI via NYC in some cases
Flint, MI
Ft Wayne, IN via the NKP
Fostoria , OH
Grand Rapids, MI
Huntington, WV
Lansing, MI
Saginaw, MI
Toledo, OH
Toronto, ON via CP
Toronto, ON via D&TSL-GT-CN

Another example was part of the schedule from Birmingham, AL for cars  
delivered by the Seaboard Airline

Lv . B'ham 7 PM Wed. via the I.C. to Ar. Chicago 11 PM Thurs.
Lv . B'ham 7:30 PM Wed. via the SL-SF to Kansas City, Ar. Thurs. 4 AM
Lv . B'ham 4 AM Thurs. via the GM&O to Memphis Ar. 8:30 PM  Thurs.

Bill Welch

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