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I didn't think the CGW would turn over its meat to the PRR and the NYC. The NKP was a wise choice back in the day. I recall reading about the NKP Berkshires zipping past NYC freights pulled by diesels at points where the NKP and the NYC ran parallel. -Tom <

Some of the CGW meat must have gone to the NYC (the question is probably how much, though). There's a photo spread in an issue of MRJ magazine of an NYC P70 PiggyPacker lifting a CGW beaded reefer trailer (#504073) off of an 89ft flat in Boston's Beacon Yard. Gotta assume that came in via the B&A, I'd think. (Have you seen the photos?)

Also, I've wondered about Rath Packing meats and the CGW. For those here who aren't familiar with the subject, Rath was located in the northeast Iowa community of Waterloo, about 25 miles southwest of CGW's hub city, Oelwein.

Waterloo was headquarters for Illinois Central's Iowa Division, which ran hot with lots of meat trains. But, does anyone know if much Rath meat made it onto the CGW? Perhaps north to the Twin Cities or south to Des Moines and Kansas City?

Hmmm. Which reminds me, that during the early 1960s CGW expanded its TOFC ramps to 16 sites, one being its Waterloo yard adjacent to Highland Park. From a tree as a boy, I watched crews bury one end of what I think was a 53-foot flat into the ground at the northeast end of the yard. Did CGW load trailers other than reefers online?


Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa

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