ACF post-war box cars

Richard Townsend

There was a Todd Sullivan article in the Sept. 90 MM on ACF 1948 design box cars. It talks about ACF using a "split panel" roof (as opposed to a rectangular or diagonal panel -- similar to the "Despatch" roof) and "dartnaught" ends on certain cars. The article specifically calls out DT&I 14000-14299 and 14300-14549, MKT 97001-97300 and 97301-97800, and Reading 107500-107999 and 10800 (sic) -108499. It includes plans for MKT 92548 (which is not among those called as being of this particular design). The photos in this article are confusing to say the least. The title illustration has nothing to do with the subject of the article, being ACFX 30000 a 1938 welded demonstrator car (I think). I can accept that since I have no intention of modeling that car. But also included in the photos are the following:

ACL 24000-24999
ATSF 33500-33999
C&EI 66300-64299 (did they count backwards?)
Erie 90500-91199
CMO 38300-39098
ITC 5700-5709
DL&W 54000-54999
RI 23000-23999 and 24000-24999
NKP 20200-20499
PRR 600000-601999 and 602000-603499
Reading ? (showing 109300)
SERX 976-1027
NJI&I 100-199
MKT 91500-92000 (again outside the series called out in the article)

Based on the photos in the article, the DL&W, NKP, SERX, and NJI&I are not among the cars with the dartnaught ends and split panel roof. Looking at Ed Hawkins's article in the 11/90 RMJ, it appears that the Erie cars are out, too, as are the PRR 602000-603499. Another Ed Hawkins article, from the 10/90 RMJ, seems to rule out others (ATSF, C&EI, ITC, and RI 24000 series) since he says they had rectangular panel or diagonal panel roofs.

So here is my question. What 40' box cars did have the combination of split panel roofs and dartnaught ends? I would be pleased to learn that the RI 23000 series cars are among these.

I am contemplating building an example of these cars using Branchline dartnaught ends and a cut-down Despatch roof from a Branchline 50' box car kit.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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