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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tom Olsen wrote:
Connie has officially placed the company up for sale. If the company is not sold, she plans to shut down completely. Hopefully someone will buy the company as a complete shutdown would make it difficult to letter a great many of the freight cars that we currently build. Not always do the decals in many of the kits we buy do the job.
I couldn't agree more, Tom, but in conversations with Connie it is clear that they do not wish to have the business professionally valued, but are simply setting a very high price, based I guess on their personal feelings for how great a business it is (or was). This is common with hobby businesses, where individuals have poured a great deal of themselves into the work and cannot conceive that it might not be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
This is not to criticize Connie--she has labored mightily in recent years to keep Champ alive, and is certainly entitled to every buck she can get from the sale--but I personally doubt her pricing ideas will find a buyer.

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