Re: Wine cars

Matt Herson

Have finally located the reference to a CMWX traveling on the NP. The
citation is from Russ Strodtz from a posting on his Rail Freight Group.

"For example I've got a copy of a bill in front
of me for a CMWX car of wine. San Martin CA to Bronx NY.
No diversions involved, just a straight routing. It is
routed SP-SP&S-NP-CB&Q-NYC."

It would appear that on at least several occasions the cars were routed over
the NP but still from San Martin CA to the Bronx NY very close to Yankee

Matt Herson

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On Apr 5, 2010, at 6:03 PM, leakinmywaders wrote:

Brian: Matt Herson called it to my attention first, and since I've
seen other bits of evidence from photos and wheel reports that in
small numbers, but over many years, some of these ex-Pfaudler CMWX
wine cars saw routing eastbound over the NP with loads of wine for
destination points east of the Twin Cities....

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT
East of the twin cities? The only major cities east of the twin
cities are Milwaukee and Chicago, and one would think wine traffic to
those destinations which originated south of the Bay Area would have
been routed SP-UP-C&NW to Chicago, not SP-SP&S-NP via Portland and
Spokane. Unless Chateau-Martin supplied a wine wholesaler in
northern Wisconsin, and even then.... Very curious.

Richard Hendrickson

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