Re: 60-foot flat cars

Tim O'Connor

I think the new Kadee 70 ton Barber S-2-B is almost exactly right
for the SP flats (the prototype had S-2-A-0 trucks, whatever those
were). The Red Caboose Barber S-2-A is a decent model too, as long
as you replace the wheels with Reboxx.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/5/2010 10:38 PM Monday, you wrote:
Bill at Red Caboose informed me that he intends to run some SP F-70-7 flat car KITS this summer, with Accurail "Bettendorf" trucks. These kits have been hard to get the last few years. No word about their future availability as RTR from Intermountain (I did not ask).

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Rich, Tony didn't say, so I will add -- I think the F-70-3 can be
kitbashed very readily using the Red Caboose F-70-7 flat cars as a
starting point. I recall Dan Smith saying he intended to do this.
I admit it's a pretty expensive kitbash!

Tim O'Connor

Richard Townsendt wrote:
I'm looking to model a 60-foot flat car with fishbelly sides. Can
anyone tell whether any of the following 60-footers from the Jan 59
ORER have such sides, and if there might be photos of any of them on
line somewhere:

SP 79825-79954
SP 580000-580121
Rich, the SP cars (Class F-70-3, built in 1942) did indeed have
fishbelly sides. I used photos of these cars in my Vol. 3 on SP
freight cars, and can send you scans off-list if you want. The second
group you list is the same F-70-3 cars, with the numbers they received
in the 1956 (and thereafter) system renumbering.

Tony Thompson

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