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Both of the lists came out of the same official YVT file. I also noticed the differences between the two. I wish the file had more but that is all I have found. The Yakima Valley Museum has this collection and I've been helping to catalog it.

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Roger Hinman wrote:
I just did a quick comparison of the two lists and the only
differences are cars for D&RG, MDT, one lot of SLSF and the WP. I
was a bit astounded to see 50 MDT cars under control of the REA, but
the car numbers listed are bogus for 1929 . I would tend to trust
the more official looking REA list. Any more of these lists coming
from later in the 30s and 40s. Be interesting to see which road
names fall off or added and whether it correlates with other data
The car numbers shown for WP are also bogus in 1929, and in
fact the ORER for that year shows NO express reefers in either freight
or passenger entries. Makes me wonder about the entire typescript list
which is posted.

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