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Doug Harding wrote:
NYC served the many meat branch houses on the west side high line in New York City. So yes the NYC handled meat, it pretty much had the bulk of the meat traffic to Manhattan/New York City. But it could be the NYC interchanged with NKP somewhere east of Chicago. Routing was set by the shipper, or the shipper's agent, so they could have selected NKP then NYC to the west side high line.
Sure, and obviously produce as well as meat often HAD to travel on NYC or PRR just to reach its destination. My comments about PREFERENCES only reflect relative service quality, and I certainly did not mean to suggest that PRR or NYC or B&O or anyone else could be avoided ENTIRELY.
Shippers had the absolute right to select routing if they wished, and large shippers had traffic managers to do just that to the best advantage of the shipper. But many, especially smaller shippers, could and did call on their local agent for advice, and that advice would usually be to maximize home-road mileage if possible--after that it would depend on what that local agent knew about service, rates and routing to the desired destination. Agents could not be true experts on things like tariffs and routing, and sometimes might recommend something less than optimum, out of ignorance, or of course to benefit their own road if possible.

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