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Neat stuff! And needless to say, I look forward with fascination to Bill's FGE/WFEX/BREX masterwork.

That said, I used the word "northeast" narrowly, to mean the Boston-Washington corridor and New England. I'd have described the destinations Bill cites as "midwestern", including Buffalo since one got there via NKP. My New Jersey upbringing is many years in the past, but I guess it shows when I least expect it to!

The thread was originally about routings chosen by western shippers of perishables, and it's said they preferred Erie or Nickel Plate to PRR or NYC or B&O. It was countered that PRR handled a lot of perishables. I'm wondering whether PRR's perishable volume means that the preference just mentioned wasn't really all that strong, or does it mean that a lot of perishables came through gateways where there wasn't much choice? To tell, ideally one would want a gateway-by-gateway breakdown of the roads receiving perishable traffic.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I have been fortunate to scan several "Perishable Schedules"
published by the ACL, SAL, and L&N and anticipate accessing several
more including a group published by the Southern soon. I also have
one from the Charleston & Western Carolina. Many of these were loaned
to me to scan by collector and dealer Kent Hannah plus my friends
John King and Jim Singer.

All of these help draw a picture of the way Fruit Growers Express
traffic moved from the southeast to the major markets of the
northeast and upper midwest, which involved many other railroads in
addition to the B&O and PRR (this is not said to diminish the volume
of either of these RR's).

A nice example is the relatively simple schedule published by the
C&WC for train #97 which originated in Augusta, GA (with reefers
originating from the ACL, SAL and FEC) and was handed off to the
Clinchfield at Spartanburg, SC to travel behind their Challengers
(and later grey & yellow EMD F-5's) to the C&O at Elkhorn City, KY.
From here the C&O moved FGE's traffic to:

Buffalo, NY via the NKP
Charleston, VW
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH via the NKP
Detroit, MI via NYC in some cases
Flint, MI
Ft Wayne, IN via the NKP
Fostoria, OH
Grand Rapids, MI
Huntington, WV
Lansing, MI
Saginaw, MI
Toledo, OH
Toronto, ON via CP
Toronto, ON via D&TSL-GT-CN

Another example was part of the schedule from Birmingham, AL for cars
delivered by the Seaboard Airline

Lv. B'ham 7 PM Wed. via the I.C. to Ar. Chicago 11 PM Thurs.
Lv. B'ham 7:30 PM Wed. via the SL-SF to Kansas City, Ar. Thurs. 4 AM
Lv. B'ham 4 AM Thurs. via the GM&O to Memphis Ar. 8:30 PM Thurs.

Bill Welch

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