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Thanks Elden, would you mind if this is forwarded to Nick at Moloco? Might bug you later on PRR stuff as it comes along!

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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I had looked at the Moloco offering earlier, and had hoped that we would get
an earlier wheel, too, but we still do not seem to have any of the earlier
style wheels available to us. This new set is very detailed, and appreciated
for those applications for which it is suited, but it contains only the
stamped late (post-mid-50' s or so) Klasing wheel with the two later housings,
not the earlier cast 28-hole wheel, or the even earlier ~20-hole cast wheel;
both of which we still need.

Several needed wheels could conceivably be done in etched brass, to avoid the
costly making of masters for cast plastic wheels, among them both earlier
Klasing wheels, but also the early Equipcos (the ones with solid and round
holed center hubs (the latter dominating the early fleet of PRR X31A round
roofs), the scalloped Superior wheel, and the early Peacock that looks like a
URECO. We also need housings, and also a Klasing pump brake for gons.

The RP Cyc issue with the article on handbrakes is a must-read on this

Elden Gatwood

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Tim and Gene, Thank You.

I have found something that looks similar:
jax-universal- 2.html
ajax-universal- 2.html>

Any suggestions?

Mark Morgan

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Gene and Mark

No, the Mather kit includes a vertically mounted brake wheel

of a completely different size and style.

The only HO scale Klasing brake wheel of the type used on these

DSS&A box cars was produced by AWE (Anthony Wentzel Enterprises)

for his imported brass "PS-0" early Pullman Standard welded box


Probably the closest brake wheel in general appearance would be

a Universal brake wheel (with a central "hub" and slanted spokes

radiating to an outer rim). Kadee makes this style.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/4/2010 12:48 PM Sunday, you wrote:

Red Caboose makes a plastic Klasing hand brake for the Mather reefer. This
may be the one you need. I understand, unfortunately, that Red Caboose will
no longer supply parts.

Gene Green
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I plan to take an Athearn boxcar and convert it to DSS&A 17000-17099. They
used a Klasing brake, any suggestions? Moloco sells two but they look newer.

What trucks would best suit this.
Once again thank to all who are kind to answer questions that I have

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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