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While I favor Paul's "free lunch" explanation as most likely, and have also heard about routings designed to avoid Chicago handoffs, is there a possibility that in the summer months a northern routing might have been favored as possibly reducing heat stress on the cargo? After all these were insulated but not refrigerated cars, traveling all the way across the continent.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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... I would be willing to bet some silver tongued salesman for
SP&S, NP or CBQ did some entertaining with a lunch or dinner for that route.
Been there done that.
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Matt Herson wrote:
"... It is routed SP-SP&S-NP-CB&Q-NYC."
This sounds like a shipper-specified routing. And remember
that SP had a very friendly relation with NP, so that connection would
have been acceptable. Why the shipper wanted a northern routing,
though, is unclear, unless it was some aspect of dependable service.

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