1940-1960 Draftgear & Underframes

John Degnan <Scaler164@...>


I am looking for a good, online resource with photos of and information about freight car underframes and draftgear that were most common between 1940-1960. To be specific, I need to be able to see how the draftgear and the car frames were integrated with and/or connected to one another, and the general shapes and appearances thereof.

I am designing a new, closer-to-scale draftgear box in S scale to go along with the new-and-improved Sergent Engineering (S scale) coupler that is presently in the works. This new gearbox will be 100% compatable with the one, single coupler that Kadee offers to S scalers (802/808), but it will replace their very oversized and unsightly gearbox. (A scale coupler of the quality of the Sergent Engineering coupler deserves a much better gearbox than the Kadee product) My new gearbox has a built-in auto-centering feature specifically tailored to the new Sergent coupler that will enable those who want auto-centering to have it. I would like this gearbox to look as good as it works, so I would like to design it to look as much like a real gearbox as possible instead of just a square glob of plastic hanging underneath a nice model, looking for all its worth like it just doesn't belong. I know the variety of 1:1 draftgear is probably incalculable, so I'm just looking for the most common design.

If anyone can offer help or refer me to a good resource, I'd greatly appreciate it. I do not have a lot of money to invest in freight car books, so an online source, or a few shared photos would be much preferred.

(A preliminary drawing of my new gearbox can be seen at : www.trainweb.org/seaboard/NEWSGearboxV2.bmp)


John Degnan

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