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I am looking for a good, online resource with photos of and information about freight car underframes and draftgear that were most common between 1940-1960. To be specific, I need to be able to see how the draftgear and the car frames were integrated with and/or connected to one another, and the general shapes and appearances thereof.

I am designing a new, closer-to-scale draftgear box in S scale to go along with the new-and-improved Sergent Engineering (S scale) coupler that is presently in the works...
You're doing this without access to any of the Car Builder's Cyclopedias? Any of the Cycs will give a multitude of examples. The 1940 as reprinted by Kalmbach would be fine; newer originals are only a couple hundred bucks, if that, when they show up on e-bay, although I would stay away from any newer that the 1957 edition, because the quality and detail of the drawings went downhill after that point.

The first thing to understand is the prototype didn't use a box, per se, they mounted forged stops to the inside faces of the center sill webs to hold the parts, and a single retainer plate, along with a key through the coupler shank hold everything in place. I see you've modeled the key, so you're on the right track, but what you really need to ensure is that your "box" looks like an extension of the center sills, the same width, and the same depth. When I designed the PROTO:HO Accumate box, I made it long enough to extend all the way back to the body bolster so the joint would be hidden where the bolster bottom cover plate crosses the sills. Since this distance varies between different prototypes, making the box long enough to be custom cut to length ensures it is useful on many prototypes. I'm disappointed that I can't find a good close-up photo on the Accurail web site, but this link will take you to a PDF of the instructions, which should give some insight to my design intent.


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