Re: ACL K-7... easier question


On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:05:44 -0000 writes:
Since it appears that there are no 1940's era photos of these in
anybody's possession, here is an easier question. Does anyone know
whether these cars were black, box car red, or both and if both, at
what timeframe was the change made? To refresh the memory, these
the low-side ACL gons modeled by F&C and Ertl (although incorrectly
in the case of Ertl, I seem to remember hearing).


Ted Culotta
Hi Ted,

I recently acquired 3 b&w ACL K-7 gon photos from Bobs Photos, 91142,
91425, and 91526. The first is coupled to a newly painted crane and
looks lighter than the obviously black crane. The other two are in
revenue service and appear more like black than the box cars in other
photos I also got. There aren't enough other cars in the shots to be
able to say for sure, but I'd go with black myself.

I do know that the ACL painted their flat cars black (it was the only one
of my own kits that I painted), so it's seems logical that they also
painted their gons black.

Or you can do what I've seen other modelers do when they weren't sure;
paint the car a heavily weathered box car red-black. Then it could be
either color. And in fact, was.

BTW, Bob has a very large quantity of ACL photos in his recently acquired
batch of freight car photos. Well over 100 I'd say, although many are in
M/W service. OTOH, many others are virginal watermelon cars or wood car
rebuilds, both fishbelly and straight centersill types.
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