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Roland Levin


I have repainted several of the Kato Covered Hoppers. They used a very dark gray color for the DRGW cars and I decided to strip and repaint them. I haven't had any problems with the paint. I airbrushed them with Polyscale and used decals from Oddball.

I have a picture of them at my website:

The dark gray DRGW is the original and the light gray is my repaint. The other two are UP and SSW original paint from Kato. I have tried to find a prototype photo for a SSW car with that color, but without success.

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

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Jeff --

The problem is the flexible plastic parts--I am concerned that the paint will just flake off. The brake parts, latches and coupler box covers (and maybe a few others) are flexible. I tested painting the spues with various paints, but it didn't stick.

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