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Guys, we at WrightTRAK are always looking for new adventures. This discussion about the Kato and to lesser extent, the Bowser covered hoppers has led Gary and I to have another discussion
about the merits of WrightTRAK producing roofs with evenly spaced hatches. We could do this for any model that has the roof done as a separate piece and this includes the various 2 and 3 bay cars that are on the market at this time. Unfortunately the Kato car has the roof cast as part of the body so that car is really not an option for most folks.

If you are interested please let me know at dblake7@... If we can scare up enough interest we may do them. I need to know which car you are interested in having them done for. We have several projects in the works right now and this includes a couple of new projects for Naperville. As such we will have to fit something like the roof(s) into the schedule of our pattern maker. At this time there are no guarantees of the project being done or a time frame. We are just trying to gauge interest in such a project.

Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models, Inc.
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I'm certain Clark and Ed are referring to the 1958 cu ft design. Can't add any other examples of evenly-spaced hatches to Ed's list without referring to my files.

If we consider the 1790 cu ft design, all the 10-hatch versions had evenly spaced hatches. CNJ 59100-59149 were evenly-spaced 8-hatch cars. I may be able to find other examples when I catch up with my files.

And's long's I'm at it, we cement heads have usually referred to the 1790 cu ft design as "drop-frame" or "bent-frame". I propose that we adhere to convention and call them fishbelly cars. Can't explain why I never thought of this before. Objections?

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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Jerry touched on hatch spacing. How many customers bought cars with
evenly spaced hatches? (Not the normal center two together)
Clark Propst
The following cars had evenly-spaced hatches. They were built between
Jan. 1947 and Sept. 1950. It's possible there were others, but this is
the list of cars that I'm aware of.

GM&O 80000-80049 (Pullman-Standard), 80500-80649 (ACF, two groups)
M&StL 70101-70199 odd (Pulman-Standard)
MILW 99325-99574 (Milw. Rd. shops)
SHPX 25478-25480 (leased to Westvaco Chemical) (ACF)
SI 4003-4025 (13 cars sold to NP 75130-75142 ca. 1955) (ACF)

Ed Hawkins


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