Re: Kato ACF Covered Hoppers

Tim O'Connor


The more common and much-needed ACF 1958 roof is the style with
standard hatch spacing, but with seam caps on the roof. Some roads
-only- had cars with this type of roof, e.g. CB&Q. Sunshine did a
mini-kit but it was a roof overlay rather than a replacement roof
and it was designed to fit the Kato GATC car.

Some railroads rebuilt the cars with round hatches. Eastern Car Works
made a couple of different replacement roofs for their ACF 1958, and
I think they produced round hatches, plus evenly spaced hatches.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/9/2010 04:14 PM Friday, you wrote:
Guys, we at WrightTRAK are always looking for new adventures. This
discussion about the Kato and to lesser extent, the Bowser covered hoppers
has led Gary and I to have another discussion
about the merits of WrightTRAK producing roofs with evenly spaced hatches.
We could do this for any model that has the roof done as a separate piece
and this includes the various 2 and 3 bay cars that are on the market at
this time. Unfortunately the Kato car has the roof cast as part of the body
so that car is really not an option for most folks.

If you are interested please let me know at dblake7@... If we
can scare up enough interest we may do them. I need to know which car you
are interested in having them done for. We have several projects in the
works right now and this includes a couple of new projects for Naperville.
As such we will have to fit something like the roof(s) into the schedule of
our pattern maker. At this time there are no guarantees of the project
being done or a time frame. We are just trying to gauge interest in such a

Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models, Inc.

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