Re: Kato ACF Covered Hoppers

Tim O'Connor

On the other hand... the seam cap roofs were so -common- that I
know people have asked Frank Angstead to do this roof for his ACF
kit. Who knows, maybe Intermountain will do that roof. Stranger
things have happened.

Tim O'Connor


What you do with your money is up to you.

But it's not a "Q" roof -- several railroads had them, including the
AT&SF, C&EI, NP, MP, CB&Q, C&S... There were thousands of them. I don't
know why you think the evenly spaced hatches have "broad appeal" -- 350
or so cars of 5 railroads (200 of them GM&O!), plus 3 SHPX cars?

Ok Tim, so in your opinion should we do a roof good for the Q or should
we do one with evenly spaced hatches that would have broader appeal? I know
where I would put my money. Denis Blake

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