Re: Variations for 3-Bay PS-2

Tim O'Connor

I have a Southern car that needs a new roof. I'd probably buy 2-3 roofs
for the PS 2893. I can always use the spare hatch parts for other cars
that had round (outboard) hatches instead of trough (inboard) hatches.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/10/2010 11:57 AM Saturday, you wrote:
I have suggested to Denis that the roof variations for the 3-Bay PS2 would be good to have. CB&Q, Wabash, Monon, and Southern were among railroads who owned cars with variations.

Early on when Athearn came out with their version of this prototype, I secured the roof parts so I could create my own but I would be very happy if someone else did this work for me and others.

Let Denis know if you would like these.

Bill Welch

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