Re: REA Wood-Sheathed Express Reefer Question

Ed Hawkins

On Apr 10, 2010, at 11:07 AM, John wrote:

I'm finishing a few models of General American REA wood-sheathed
express refrigerators (the recent Walthers models). I want to improve
the level of brake gear detail provided with the model, but cannot
find any good views or plans of the underframe. I looked through RPC
#7 but there are no clear photos. Incidentally, one of the cars I'm
modeling is the 1227 featured on pg. 17.

If anyone has any tips or photos or references, I'd appreciate
hearing about it. This is a relateively new subject for me and I'm
learning a lot. Thanks in advance for the help!
The only drawings I've seen for these cars were published in the 1931,
1937, and 1940 CBCs. While they show cross sections of the underframe,
no brake parts are depicted.

You might check the images in the RP CYC Vol. 9 Addendum article as
some builder's photo show some of the brake parts.
Ed Hawkins

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