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Dan Sweeney Jr

Would the ORER be considered a primary source? If so, an eager volunteer could reference the tallies of all freight cars (or by type) for each railroad and compute the percentage of total (railroad-owned/leased) freight cars. My oldest ORER is January 1958, so maybe that's not old enough for what folks need?

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Armand Premo wrote:
I think it is past time that we revisit the Gilbert-Nelson theory.I
trust that it is not heresy to challenge their theory.Based on
primary sources , using a larger sample and not restricting the
study to just box cars the results could be much different.
Of course it's not heresy, and I know Armand has had trouble
accepting the G-N idea for some years. Larger sample, primary sources--
great, please provide those sources. It would indeed be great to have
similar analyses for other car types like hoppers and gondolas, but
Tim and Dave haven't gone there. Anyone?

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