Re: Freight car Distribution

Tim O'Connor

Dan, please consult the STMFC archives. There are literally
HUNDREDS of posts on freight car distribution, many of them
meticulously researched by Tim Gilbert and many others. Also
Larry Ostresh has posted dozens of lists of fleet comparisons
for single and double sheathed box cars, which immediately
becomes an important issue if you want to represent not only
a railroad, but that PARTICULAR railroad's mix of box cars.

If you want to do a straight line percentage apportionment of
box cars, then an ORER is exactly the right (blunt) tool. But
then your layout may resemble an ORER and not a prototype.

Tim O'Connor

Would the ORER be considered a primary source? If so, an eager volunteer could reference the tallies of all freight cars (or by type) for each railroad and compute the percentage of total (railroad-owned/leased) freight cars. My oldest ORER is January 1958, so maybe that's not old enough for what folks need?
Dan Sweeney, Jr.

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