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I wonder why Mike A. would use the Monon train records to validate the rarified G-N hypothesis and buy a fleet accordingly, when the has in his hands a direct empirical template for the fleet he could be aiming for--with all the assigned-service, traffic routing and car-pooling agreements and multiple other local particularities built in.
The issue is that the amount of data I have is about 5% of the traffic over a 4 month period on one division.  I have not found the specific details you mention, but I am always looking.  These logs have given me insight into some peculiar routings for local traffic and mostly justified the G-N hypothesis for through cars.  The issue in my case is the Monon's 50% bridge traffic-the logs simply show cars moving from one division point to the next with no indication of origin or destination.  The more I study it the more clear it becomes that this very closely matches the national fleet and the list I posted comes in handy for this. These will only be half of my model cars though.  The other 200 will be the less ordinary DTI covered hoppers carrying soda ash, Monon 50ft boxcars of television cabinets, CWI gons with loco coal, and (who would have thought) hoppers of coal from North-South competitor CEI.  In other words all the cars that will make
the model reflect a particular time and place.  The other cars are filler, but it is satisfying to have a basis on which cars to model.
Mike Aufderheide-who also owns a pair of leaky waders.

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