Re: CGW 1934 X-29

Brian Carlson

Is this a trick question? You mention 1934 CGW cars but provide no number
series. CGW may have had other cars built in 1934 but the CGW 1923 ARA cars
were built in 1930-31, and 33. They were not X29 boxcars they were ARA 1923
cars. ARA 1923 boxcars have been discussed on the list numerous times. They
are also covered in RPC 18. The short answer is many roads had similar cars
which include: B&O, B&M, C&O, CNJ, DT&I, Erie, L&NE, L&NW, MEC,MTC, W&LE
(NKP), NYC, PM (C&O) and of course PRR.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY


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Saw a prototype pic tonight. Any other roads have the same or a very similar
boxcar to the 1934 CGW X-29?

George Courtney

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