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Tim O'Connor


Although box car ownership gradually increased from 1945-1955 your
number of 620,000 for 1945 sounds very low to me. The totals are given
in the Car Builder Cyclopedias. I have not checked them against the ORER

Tim O'Connor

At 4/13/2010 03:18 PM Tuesday, you wrote:

The data are from 1945, and shows 620K box cars, of which 133K are at home, and 393K are away. Yes, I am aware that this does not add up. I need to spend some time with the data and the spreadsheet to see wherein the error may lie.



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Jeff, the numbers sound a little "off" to me. What year is the
report from?

In 1950, there were 721,006 box cars in service. You're saying
there are 392,590 away cars in your data. That would mean there
are 328,416 home cars. That's a 55/45 split, which doesn't jive
with your figures for UP and PRR. So the "total" box cars you
have must be different than the 1950 total.

Tim O'Connor

UP had 27,553 boxcars. Of these, 7,853 were on the UP and 19,700 were
away [on other RR's]. Of all the "away" cars in the country, this was 5.02%.
Thus, a PRR modeler should have UP as 5.02% of his "foreign" cars (after
accounting for regional bias, etc.).

Similarly, PRR had 78,788 box cars, of which 21,059 were home, and 57,279
were away. These away cars were 14.59% of the national away fleet. Thus, a
UP modeler should have PRR as 14.59% of his "foreign" cars (after accounting
for regional bias, etc.).

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