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Wendye Ware

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Although box car ownership gradually increased from 1945-1955 your
number of 620,000 for 1945 sounds very low to me. The totals are given
in the Car Builder Cyclopedias. I have not checked them against the ORER

Tim O'Connor
FWIW there are 742,546 U.S. box, auto and ventilated cars in the January 1945 ORER. They break down as follows:

Class XM: 614,947
Classes XA, XAB, XAF, XAP, XAR: 112,981
Class XF: 1,402
Class XI: 497
Classes VA, VM, VS: 12,719

The data includes only cars in interchange service on U.S. Class I roads or their lessees. CASO is included.

Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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