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Dave Nelson wrote:
When you boil out all of the bureaucratic out of the above, what's left is the SP shall, by active solicitation the routing of the maximum of freight traffic, at rates no higher [and service] at least equal in every respect than apply concurrently between the same points via any other route in which it participates, shall operate the Ogden gateway as parts of one connected continuous line, between all points in California and Oregon north of and including Caliente and Santa Margarita CA, and south of and including Klamath Falls branch and Kirk OR . . .
Exactly what I said, Dave, a few days ago, albeit without the full citation of the ICC agreement.

As for what it means to the hypothesis Tim and I constructed... I would regard any SP boxcars reported in wheel reports at points immediately east of Odgen UT exactly like UP boxcars... that is to say, to be excluded. Because they're not free rolling (as they were legally required to hand over to the UP anything they had picked up the cited regions) the large number of home cars on SP tracks would be seen east of Ogden in similar large numbers, perhaps just as high as UP boxcars.
Not exactly, Dave. First of all, SP was required to SOLICIT traffic via UP, but was NOT required to route all traffic to UP. If a shipper specified D&RGW east of Ogden, that's how it would go. Second, SP box cars from OUTSIDE the required solicitation zone could and did move over the Overland Route, so SP cars are NOT exactly equivalent to UP box cars; moreover, any foreigns SP had loaded in the west and routed via UP certainly ARE part of that same story though not marked SP or UP. Third, the "continuous line" story is aimed at cooperative and coordinated scheduling, not necessarily at 100 percent interchange, even though the SP and UP had a mutual obligation, dating back to the Pacific Railroad Act, to interchange with each other at Ogden "preferentially." Obviously that can only apply if a shipper route specification does not provide otherwise.
I agree that the UP-SP situation at Ogden distorts the population of cars interchanged there, primarily in favor of SP (which originated more traffic than bridge line UP), but SP and UP cars cannot be seen as equivalent, in my opinion.

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