Re: Flat car load tie downs

Tom Gloger

--- "Bruce F. Smith" <> wrote:
To add to the excellent descriptions given already,
shippers were not afraid to use lots of nails etc
in the decks of flat cars as well.
While this usually was limited to blocking ... there
are nice photos of military loads showing steel
plates, with welded on tie down loops bolted to the
decks of flats. In addition, I have seen photos
where threaded rod was used as a tie down and the
rod is attached to the blocking, not the car. In
these cases, there are often additional tie downs
to the car to prevent load shifting.
The 1917 rules allowed for threaded rods through the
floor of the car. See
(long!) for more information.

Is this practice still followed? If so, weathering
of flat car decks could include sets of #80 holes in
appropriate places.

If this practice was abandoned, does anyone know when?

- Tom Gloger

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