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Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

Bruce Smith Wrote:
Why should "peddler freights, turns and locals" be any

I am not saying this is so, I am simply asking, "Is this perhaps another exception to the G-N model?" I haven't seen it stated so clearly before but does the G-N model only apply to through freights?

It has often been said an exception to the G-N model is frequently a dead end branch line. The traffic on that line will be much less diverse than the national average as the industries may determine a more skewed mix. Couldn't that same be said about a local on the main - the mix is in part determined by the industries served by that particular train.

Rethinking the issue, one factor the dead end has that doesn't affect the local on the main - connections. Nobody chooses a car to go to an industry down the dead end branch because it is in the direction of the home road.

Ned Carey

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