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It turns out (with a bit more digging through my personal archives) that the data is NOT from Tim Gilbert, but instead from Dave Nelson. This explains why my attempts with the oujia board have been unsuccessful.

And at the time (over 10 yrs ago!) Dave readily conceded that
The problem could be the regional
data published by the AAR would vary significantly on a road by road basis
within each region (not too surprising a thought). The omission of these
variances makes the numbers above rather suspect. Perhaps they are good enough
as a general guideline, perhaps worthless. I'll leave that conclusion to
each reader.
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Aley, Jeff A wrote:
Yes it is a big assumption. I suggest a séance or
use of a oujia board to contact Tim Gilbert and ask him why he made
such an assumption, and what are the implications.
I realize that the alternative to the assumption is to ignore
the data. But certainly among the roads in that ICC grouping are quite
different situations as to bridge vs. originating and terminating
That said, I will comment that I was intrigued with the
particular percentage, as it is not far from what I've calculated for
home road cars on the SP, based on photos. (Yeah, yeah, photos are a
skimpy data set, etc.)

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