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The railroad term would "stop off to partially unload". Freight rate would
be for the entire weight of the commodity from origin to final destination,
with a stop off charge for each stop off point.

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Occasionally while unloading a car you would come to a layer of craft
paper, at which point you would close the door and reseal it. Or you would
open one up and there would be a partial load with the paper on top - LCL.

Just a slight correction. Technically, this isn't LCL. LCL is when multiple
SHIPPERS have small loads in the same car. In the case of this carload of
lumber, it's one shipper serving multiple customers under the tariff
provisions that allowed multiple consignees.

Therefore, for the numbers crunchers, these cars will be counted as full
carloads of lumber (which they are) not LCL.


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