Re: Freight car Distribution

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Chuck Peck says:

The opposite way to go might be to walk into a hobby shop and just
buy everything that seems reasonable and appealing.
Well...maybe in years past. Now days one doesn't usually have as much choice. Hoever, the point is well taken. Just be sure you don't go too strongly in favor of a particular RR with the exception of the home road and Pennsy and NYC. Oh...don't forget Brock's Fifth Rule of frt cars. You'll need a few NP box cars.

There is little doubt that at least one of every class of box car went over Sherman Hill at one time. I assume that the same can be said for Santa Fe through Flagstaff. OTOH, in addition to one of every class of car, good ol' General Tojo apparently also traveled on either UP or Santa Fe to CA in the late 30's. I am not certain that the same can be said for the Rutland....[ Not Tojo. I mean...why? ], but Armand Premo's list of cars for the Rutland [ wherever that is ] doesn't seem to match the G-N. IOW, Chuck might be better off modeling a trunk line if he intends to simply roll the dice.

Mike Brock

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