Re: Freight car Distribution

Ross McLeod <cdnrailmarine@...>

"Sure, Ross, but the FIRST RULE is to "Protect the shipment." You
could not care less about car hire if a shipper needs that empty car.
Now of course you don't keep empties sitting around idle, and they
would certainly be moved homeward (or via reverse route) if not needed."

Whose first rule?
Railroads look to saving every cent they can.
Not all shipments are equal, there are lots that can wait until tomorrow when you have your own cars available.
Shipments are rated by profitability therefore the shipments that are seen to give the best rate of return will get cars today, the also rans get cars when available.
Of course this is a simplification but so is to say that any available car will be used.  
I would naive to say politics, neighbouring industries etc don't enter into the equation.
Ross McLeod Calgary 

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