Re: Lumber Loading

Tim O'Connor


First of all, you have a small sample. It's 2400 cars, but it's also
only from a small number of trains on any given day, over 90 days.

Second, it's possible that in late fall-winter months less lumber was
shipped. Since shippers may prefer box cars, the seasonal slow down may
have meant there were enough box cars to cover the traffic. Even though
fall is big for grain, double door cars were not suitable for grain --
but that's what the lumber shippers liked.

SP added 1,500 50' double door box cars in 1950-1951 (A-50-17). They
didn't buy any more until 1955. But then they also added more than
2,000 53'6" 70 ton flat cars in 1949-1950, and nearly a thousand more
in 1953-1954. So I'm thinking it's a combination of small data sample,
and slow season for lumber.

Tim O'Connor

I'm stumped. Why would there be no lumber on flat cars in Oct-Dec of 1951? Was this the time period after the Streamliner accident (a piece of lumber shifted on a flat car, and broke the windows of a passing Streamliner, showering the passengers with broken glass) ??

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