freight car variety (was Re: Freight car Distribution)

Tim O'Connor

Mike Brock wrote

The opposite way to go might be to walk into a hobby shop and just
buy everything that seems reasonable and appealing.

Well...maybe in years past. Now days one doesn't usually have as much
I was struck by Mike's statement, which I think is true -- when I came
back into the hobby in 1988 (and before I discovered Westrail, Tichy,
Prototype Modeler etc) I'd go into a hobby shop and there would be
-hundreds- of different box cars (most of them Athearn!) painted by
Bev-Bel and other custom decorators. I was a kid in a candy store then.

While it's true that we now have hundreds of accurate resin prototype
models, and many accurate plastic models... But isn't it also true that
for Joe Casual model railroader, the choices nowadays are more limited
when it comes to those steam-era paint schemes that were so popular on
the Bev-Bel and other cars? Don't you think? I mean, is a person like
that going to shell out $20-$40 for a super accurate model?

I remember having friends over to the house in the early 90's (none of
them model railroaders) and I took them downstairs to see my layout
under construction, and a friend who had grown up in Buffalo NY commented
on a Bev-Bel box car painted "Phoebe Snow" -- he recognized it! He had
probably not thought of trains since he was a child, but he still had
that memory.

Tim O'Connor

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