Re: Box/auto distribution 1938

Tim O'Connor

Larry Ostresh wrote

I think 2,267 box cars represent three or four days of UP freight traffic across
Wyoming in the late 1930s. (Data from 1949 provided by Mark Amfahr show 30 to 33
trains a day between Laramie and Cheyenne.)
I'm sure I don't need to point out 1949 was a very different year
than 1938, in which the US economy was still deep in recession. I
think someone else already pointed that out, as did Tim Gilbert so
that's all to say about that.

I take your point about 1938 trains per se, but I don't understand
the basis of your statement "[other conductor books] wouldn't be the
same, but they are likely to be similar". The tricky word of course
being "similar"...

I look forward to your compilation of the new books, both separately
(by themselves) and then combined with the other books to see what
happens to the statistics.

Tim O'Connor

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