Freight car distribution - a Question

Jim Betz


A question for Mike Brock and/or the moderators of this group.

Are discussions of model train layout "train make up" methods
OK for this group?

I'm talking about how our layout trains are manipulated/handled
and how that relates to the G-N model and other such prototype
activities. It is the other side of the same coin - but the
focus would be more on how we do stuff like "set" a layout for a
run ... and how that relates to what actually happened on the
prototype ... rather than mostly about the prototype with hints
at how that might be used on a layout.

I realize that this doesn't fit the raison d'etre of this list
exactly. But we keep dropping hints about stuff like how G-N
might be used on our layouts in order to make up trains. So ...
I'm asking ... perhaps we can open up this for some limited time
such as just for one week?
- Jim

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