Re: Freight car Distribution

Ross McLeod <cdnrailmarine@...>

"Per diem was a fixed daily charge. I don't think railroads paid mileage
on other railroads' cars. I think the only time railroads played per diem
games was when cars were near interchanges, and then they shuffled cars
to an interchange before the midnight hour, so the receiving railroad
would be saddled with the per diem for the next day. Per diem was quite
low in those days, and was the same for all cars, around $2/day. Some
railroads (like GN) had a per diem surplus and HATED it, because it
amounted to a subsidy to other railroads (i.e. they rented cars out at
less than the cost of ownership)."

In my experience mileage charges also applied but this was after the dates covered by this list, I need to dig out some old Equipment Registers. Ross McLeod Calgary

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