Re: Lumber Loading - for orders

Ross McLeod <cdnrailmarine@...>

"Lumber definitely could be diverted before it reached its final
destination. And diversions could go in any direction, as long as
someone paid for it (the diversion, that is)."

Lumber cars could be billed for orders to destination such as Savage on the NMS, and other recognized hold points. There was a charge made for the diversion as well the cars would incur track storage charges after a specified time period. As to your options for the new destination you would have had to picked a hold point that would protect the thru rates which were published in TCFB 17  (NE/SE), 18 (TX/OK,KS etc),  28 (IL/MO etc) from western origins, Savage worked to destinations in these tariffs. Other western hold points were available but depending on how optimistic the lumber broker was they may have been reached too quickly.
I believe Marshalltown on the CNW was also lumber hold point.
Ross McLeod Calgary 

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