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I do indeed see a couple more Dalmans that I hadn't seen before. But look at car 87043 on p. 25. This group was built with coil-elliptic trucks, not Dalmans, but the B-end truck (left in the photo) is plausibly one where the elliptic spring was removed. I have difficulty believing that to be true of the other truck (right in the photo).

I'm really trying to determine what a 'typical' car from this series would have looked like in the early 60s, and I think I'm convinced that a lot of them would still have had the Dalmans (the first 1000 cars, anyway).

My guess, also, is that non-rebuilt cars that were still in the 85000 - 86000 series would have been more likely to have them than any of the leased and renumbered cars.

Ron Merrick

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I can find only one photo in the Color Guide that shows one of these cars WITHOUT its original Dalman trucks. #W85320 shows up on pages 106 and 107, photographed in 1978 with roller bearing Ride Control trucks. Other cars appearing in the book, photogrphed in 1967, 1980 and 1984, still have their Dalmans.

The Summer, 1992 issue of North Western Lines had a seven page article on these box cars.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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I'll refine my original question just a bit.

By the end of this time frame (1960), were there very many of the Dalman two-level trucks still around on these CGW cars? The CGW color guide suggests not, but I'm curious if this is a statistical quirk based on the photos that made it into the book.

The coil-elliptic spring truck, I can certainly see that.

Ron Merrick

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