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Aley, Jeff A wrote:
Tony Thompson can answer better than I can. But if I understood his clinic correctly, the Agent wrote the empty car order and waybill BEFORE the car was spotted for loading. So the waybill, with the car # typed on it, was already completed.
Paul Koehler answered this clearly. I can add this: the empty car bill was filled out by the yard forces that SENT it to be loaded, in response (as you say) to an order for an empty car. The shipper almost always filled out a bill of lading, which gave particulars of the load and destination. The agent could THEN complete a waybill, but this was by no means a final piece of paperwork. Agents were not experts in tariffs or even (many times) in routing, and that part of the waybill would likely be adjusted by knowledgeable car clerks farther along in the process. The weight might not be known, if the car was to be weighed after loading; and as mentioned, loading multiple cars would require all the waybills to OMIT car initials and number until that information was available. That might be when the local came back by the depot after pulling the cars.

Therefore, I conclude that if the industry randomly loads the car, the paperwork would have to be changed.
Oh, yes, paperwork could be and was changed all the time.

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