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I'm afraid that this may turn into a tangential discussion, but here we go.

Yard limits were an operating rules provision only, applying to main track per operating Rule 93. Definition from an online 1985 GCOR, but previous operating rulebooks cited similar wording----

"Yard Limits
A portion of the main track, designated by yard limit signs and timetable, train order Form T, or track bulletin, which trains and engines may use as prescribed by Rule 93."

Many road crews did switching within yard limits, and many yard crews went outside of yard limits to serve customers, under train order, ABS, APB, and/or CTC rules. While operating rules discussions may be outside the purview of STMFC, I ask the leave of our Moderator for this post for purposes of claification. You're welcome to write me off-list for further discussion.

Steve Lucas

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First you need to know is the industry located within the switching limits
of a city or out on the road. If in a city you didn't have a conductor but
a switch Forman. With in yard limits you had switchman working outside the
limits you had brakeman and conductor. Within the city the switch Forman
would spot the car from a switch list. In road territory the conductor
would have an empty car waybill, the same for moving an empty car across the
railroad to deliver to another city or connecting carrier.

Paul C. Koehler


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