Re: Box/auto distribution 1938

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

Ok, you're wearing me down :-) I dismiss the 1938 books as irrelevant,

but if you show a consistency from 1949-1956 then I think it's worth
some digging down and trying to find out WHY SP box cars were so much
more common on the UP than random distribution would predict.
Well, I can understand the curiosity factor but, in my case, I don't really care why...except as an academic exercise. It might be analogous to the UP grey paint scheme on steam locomotives and passenger cars. If you are a modeler of UP, the primary issues are the paint scheme characteristics, when it took effect and when it ended...when were loco's painted in the scheme and when they were painted black after it ended. The "why" is secondary.

Tim also writes:

"I have an SP conductor's book, and it's great. But I'm
just not so comfortable with trying to extrapolate a lot about distribution
of box cars in the USA from a small number of these books."

Agreed. Same with the UP frt conductor books. However, in my own case I'm not really interested in trying to find a "formula" for predicting the frt car distribution across the USA. I'm trying to project the make up of a relatively small number of trains [ 8 ] operating over Sherman Hill for a very small time period...3 hrs in one day and, perhaps, 3 days [ not contiguous ]. The "formula" for widespread distribution is interesting and I'm curious about it but I don't need it to generate train consists to simulate the traffic on Sherman Hill in the spring of 1954. The frt conductor books do that quite well.

Mike Brock

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