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Frank Greene

Mike Aufderheide wrote:
The Monon logs do distinguish between XM ('B') and XA, XAP, XAR, XMR ('A') cars, though not all correctly. I haven't looked into it but I wonder if the car had double doors it was labled an 'A' weather the auxilliary door was active or not. The cars had a wide variety of loads. As a sample here are some from fall 1948:

At least as far as the Southern cars go, the Monon's designation of "A" cars was based on the double doors. But, whomever prepared the logs had no other visual references to go on because the Southern never identified their cars by class, like the PRR, UP, SP, ATSF, etc., and did not stencil the AAR mechanical designation on their cars until the late 1950s. Following from the July 1950 ORER:

SOU 272964 AUTOS

AAR Mech. Designation XMR; "Box, Auto, Stl. Stagg. Doors"; 40 ft 6 in IL, 12 ft 6 in door width; "Note L - Cars in series 272900-272999 are equipped with Automobile Loading Racks."

SOU 340282 LBR
AAR class XM; "Box, Stl. Frame, Stl. Staggered Doors"; 40 ft 6 in IL, 12 ft door width; no notes for special equipment.

SOU 375252 LIME
Number not in the ORER. Could it be 272252? If so:

AAR XM; "Box, Auto., Stl. Stagg. Doors; 40 ft 6 in, 12 ft 6 in doors; this number is not included in Notes AA "... equipped with racks for loading Fisher bodies and... AAR designation XAP" or CC "equipped for movement of Rayon and... AAR designation XMP".

SOU 148379 MDSE
AAR XM; "Box, Steel Frame, Staggered Doors"; 40 ft 6 in, 12 ft doors; this number not included in Note W "... equipped for movement of Rayon and... XMP".

Same as 272252.


Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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