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No problem - I can recognize those cars because I added the reporting marks on the hatches at the time I did the swap.

These were two cars released in 2009 or possibly 2008. One was a Texas Chief Rr-28 and the other was an Rr-23, both in the straight map scheme. The Rr-28 and after should have platforms that do not surround the hatch, so the corner grabs are in the roof proper, while earlier cars had platforms that surrounded the hatch and had the corner grabs attached to the platform.

Photos in Hendrickson's Santa Fe reefer book, p. 133 and 141, are especially useful in showing the difference.

Ron Merrick

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Ron Merrick wrote:
Getting farther off the subject, I did a neat exchange a few months
ago. I bought two IM Santa Fe reefers at different times, came to
realize the roof (platforming around the hatches, specifically) was
wrong on each one - but was right for the other car! Took me about
ten minutes to get the complete roof off of each car, swap them and
re-glue. Thank you, Richard, for the descriptions and illustrations
that were precise enough for me to grasp this difference.
Ron, can you tell us which classes were involved? Some of the
rest of us may need to do something similar.

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