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Wendye Ware

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Sherman? On the old main line -- before the Harriman cutoff was built?
Sherman on the ca. 1901 Harriman line. Highest point on the transcon, but 234 feet lower than Old Sherman. There was a station there through the 1950s, now it is long gone. Mainline tracks 1 & 2 use this route, typically eastbound but there is a substantial amount of westbound traffic as well. There is still a Y and a sign about "highest point".

I'm puzzled -- the UP ran COSF, Overland, Fast Mail, COLA, Challenger,
COStL, Portland Rose at least -- 7 daily passenger trains, 2 in each
direction -- so you are saying the UP only ran (at most) 17 freights a
day through Wyoming?

Tim O'Connor

Mark's files include the passenger traffic as well, and it was substantial. Freight traffic on June 4 was 16 EB and 15 WB as I say below. "EB" means "East Bound" and "WB" means "West Bound". There were 16+15=31 freights recorded on June 4, 1949. Similarly, there were 17+15=32 freights on June 5, 1949.

Larry Ostresh

Mike, the data Mark gave me is not a conductor book. It is a listing of the passenger and freight trains that passed Sherman on June 4 and 5, 1949. Their were 16 EB and 15 WB on the 4th, 17 EB and 15 WB on the 5th.

Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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