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Rob & Bev Manley

The CB&Q moved silica sand from areas like Streator, IL, Ottawa, IL, Wedron, IL and Wyoming IL to name a few. Thier ACF covered hoppers had routing info that would direct thier return tothose cities. Decals for the routing info can be bought from Jerry Hamsmith. He uses Rail Graphics for printing and they work great.
HM Decals
1010 Johnston Dr.
Aurora, IL 60506
RAILROAD: CB&Q boxcars, hoppers, MoW,and L&M hopper

I'll see what else I can dig up.

Rob Manley

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I'd like to know what the variety of roadnames on covered hoppers would be on a layout dated to the mid 50s.

I've always been under the impression that these cars were 'generally' in captive service (cement), but there were cars that would go off line carrying fertilizer products, or feed/food products.

So, what percentage of a layout fleet should be covered hoppers and what precentage of the covered hoppers should be home road?

I think it's kind of like meat reefers, the farther away from the packinghouse they got the most likely they were to be with cars with other company logos.

Any thoughts documentation would be welcome.
Clark Propst

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