Painting Sideframes

Guy Wilber

Brian wrote:

Ron; why did you paint the trucks, by your timeframe they were not to be painted?
The painting of truck sideframes and bolsters was never prohibited.

As per (1960) Interchange Rule 3, section (t), paragraph (3-d): Truck sideframes and truck bolsters may be coated with light bodied paint that will not prevent detection of flaws or cracks in ordinary inspection. Wheels must not be painted.

This provisions of this section were revised in 1958. Prior to that year the rule also stated that no heavy asphaltic, tar or cement base paint could be used. Sideframes and bolsters, new or used, so painted or those having accumulation of rust scale were to have all such paints or scale removed when receiving general repairs.


Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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