Re: Rock Island Modified 1937 AAR Boxcars

Steve and Barb Hile

Intermountain did a batch of these cars for the Mid-Continent Region NMRA a
few years ago with 4 road numbers. The ones listed in the flyer do not
replicate at least the one that I have. We provided them with information
and they did a good job matching the lettering. As far as I know, they were
not in any kind of captive service, but rather rolling billboards for
general through freight service.

It is good to see some more in general circulation.


Steve Hile


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Brian J Carlson
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 7:53 PM
Subject: [STMFC] Rock Island Modified 1937 AAR Boxcars

Intermountain has announced some more Rock Island Modified 1937 AAR Boxcars,
link below. Since the Modified 1937 AAR cars comprised nearly 25% of the RI
Boxcar fleet in 1957 I wanted to add one to the layout. However these cars
are decorated in the "Ship Rocket Freight" scheme. I don't know much about
this scheme. When was it applied? Did it restrict the cars to any certain
service? Did it change the class from XM to AMP or XAP, approximately 56 of
the 3926 car fleet were so designated? Thanks.
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