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You are correct in what you say. In the case of commercially available
models, our choice is either the laser-cut from marine-plywood or plastic.
If that's your choice which would you take.

Paul C. Koehler


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Yes and no. Depends on how weathered a flat car deck you're modelling.
Nothing wrong with the work on some better plastic STMFC's.

But, I personally use the Jack Work method to stain wood for models--1 part
Fiebing's leather dye

http://www.fiebing. <> com/Dyes.aspx

to 30 parts rubbing alcohol--more alcohol=lighter stain--less
alcohol==darker stain. I find this to be a good start for weathering all

Wood flatcar decks AFAIK were creosoted lumber. So the darkness of the
creosote will disguise coarse wood grain in stripwood on a model. Though the
better quality stuff like Mt. Albert Scale Lumber has a very fine grain.

I'm very partial to board-by-board wood decking on model flatcars. Easy to
stain and distress to model heavy wear on a flatcar deck. I think that the
disdain for wood model flatcar decks has been brought on by those
laser-cut-from-marine-plywood things that adorn some models.

Steve Lucas.

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Did Bill say whether or not they would have plastic or wood decks? I sure
hope they are the plastic ones as the wood grain does not scale down on the
wood wecks and the plactic ones look a 1000% better. What does everybody
else think?

Paul C. Koehler

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